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We do offer a more traditional 3 month & 6 month subscription but in the last 3 years I have run a very popular method of joining. As it suggests in the header, you only pay when you win.

I only ask for a small registration fee - see the shop page - which I then deduct off your first payment

Many like this for its flexibilty & not having to pay for a service that isn't winning.

If you want the more traditional service then just choose either 3 months or the full flat season ( just over 7 months)

Below is a working example but in general your account works on a cumulative basis & you will only be charged every 25 points profit. If we dip below on a poor run then you won't pay until that shortfall is made & then back to the next 25 point mark

I currently charge £1.50 per point profit for the PAYG service


I will only collect when you cross through any 25 points trigger. So you only pay if you make at least 25 points profit


You start at zero & lets use an example as follows:


Week 1 - profit 20 points - Nothing to pay

Week 2 - loss of 15 points - nothing to pay ( cumm = 5pts profit)

week 3 - loss of 10 points - Cumm = minus 5 pts 

Week 4 Profit of 50 points - Cumm = 45 pts so you pay 25 x £1.50 = £37.50 for crossing the 25 points trigger

Week 5 profit of 10 points - Cumm = +55 pts so you have crossed the 50 points & owe another £37.50


& so on


I assume you get on at the price. I will adjust your P&L if you let me know IN ADVANCE of the race that you couldn't get on at the price or even if you were out for the day


If you go on holiday, let me know, I can pause as well


Some just want the flat, again just let me know


If you do have time out but intend to return, we just pause your account at the level you leave at


if you want to leave totally then we settle up then

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