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Jeremiah Catskill Racing

14 years of consistent profits with members still loyal from the very first day.

I run an open, honest, trustworthy service with little fanfare. Hopefully my record speaks for itself

Latest News


My tipping year will now run from the 1st day of Cheltenham - 16th March to the last day of the November meeting - 13th Nov. Over the last few years I have realised this is my best period & to have a break over the winter will reap benefits. The service is now open for new members & I have added a full year membership option tp cover the 9 months mentioned above. This works out at a very reasonable £23.90 per month.

We still have the 3 month & 6 month options alongside the ever popular Pay As You Go which does as it says as you only pay when you win & you can stop or start when you wish.

Latest Results


After a very good season in 2020 where we made 238 points profit despite the 3 months blank period due to Covid restrictions we followed this up with an equally strong 178 points from approx 3/4 fewer bets. Both ROI's were strong & the combined profit of 410 points saw a 12% ROI over the 2 years. The bets were fewer as I decided to focus mainly on my core areas. The big NH festivals & chase handicaps but even more so the turf flat season where we focused almost 100% on handicaps & mainly over longer distances. The 14 year profit for such bets is 21.2% ROI !

Last years Cheltenham saw profits of 37.8 points ( 49.5% ROI)

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