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Jeremiah Catskill Racing

16 years of consistent profits with members still loyal from the very first day.

I run an open, honest, trustworthy service with little fanfare. Hopefully my record speaks for itself

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The flat season is coming up & all my subscribers know this is the best time to join the service. Over 16 years of consistent profits when focusing on flat handicaps

Flat Handicap Focus

This season will see a real focus on Flat handicaps with long term profits in this focus area

Over the 16 years I have been tipping I have realised that flat handicaps have consistently been my strongest area.

In that time I have tipped 4,072 bets which have produced 1,803 points profit. This is a ROI of  18.9% over 16 years.

For those that can't get on with the bookies Betfair SP still produced a very good 12.8% ROI

90% of my bets will be in this area & the hope is with some further analysis of these 4,072 bets I can enhance that ROI even further

Want to know more about the service or more detailed results?

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